How We Do Man Accessories ft. Lanvin and OfSky Design

15 Dec How We Do Man Accessories ft. Lanvin and OfSky Design

When it comes to accessories and man jewelry the key is minimalism, less is more. A small selection of well-made pieces can easily complete your look. Our advice? Let the ladies own the costume jewelry and fluorescent colored accessories while we stick to the watches and tie clips. Stick to simple elegant pieces that portray the character you wish to present with that outfit. For instance, a black two finger ring will suggest a much different character than a simple gold band would.

In our opinion, a stylish man’s accessories collection should contain the following:

A selection of Scarfs:


Men's Accessories

Lanvin Scarf, Lardini Blazer, Lanvin Tie, Nicolas Shirt


Maybe not in every season but in the fall and winter, a scarf is a necessity and a stylish complementary piece. We chose to show our Lanvin selection, their scarfs are made in Paris and tightly knit for a quality feel on the skin

Watches and Bracelets

OfSky Design

Bracelet by OfSky Design

OfSky Design Nicolas Toronto

Bracelet by OfSky Design

Bracelets by: OfSky Design, Wool trousers by Lardini


A bracelet with a luxury watch compliments for a contemporary aesthetic. We selected pieces from the OfSky Design line to complete the look. Their pieces are minimal yet aesthetically pleasing to add a subtle addition to your wrist.

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