The New Year’s Eve Tuxedo ft. Lanvin

24 Dec The New Year’s Eve Tuxedo ft. Lanvin

New Year’s Eve is always a time of reflection, celebration, and preparation. Throughout this year, we’ve all made it through tremendous ups and downs and now its time to celebrate in a formal style. Formalwear gives an heir of class, elegance, and charm.  Gentlemen, when picking out a tux, there are many rules we suggest you follow and others we suggest you stay away from. For example, do not rent a tuxedo. But pairing your tuxedo with a coordinating elegant bow tie is a rule we abide by.

There are essentially 3 tuxedo styles you can select: the shawl collar dinner jacket, the peak lapel jacket and the notch lapel jacket. We chose the peak lapel and the notch lapel jacket to present a superior formal look for a black tie event.

If you’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on a tux, we’re here to give you two suggestions. Our head honcho Nicolas and our main man Justin show us how it’s done.

The Peak Lapel Jacket

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Peak lapel jacket, and bow tie from Lanvin, shirt by Neil Barrett

We chose the peak lapel suit from Lanvin because of the heir of class and refinement felt when wearing the piece. The silk bow tie aligns with traditional black tie attire while we broke the rules by not including suspenders or covering the waistband.

Neil barrett shirt tuxedo

Neil Barrett Shirt

For a slightly modern take on the tuxedo shirt, we opted for this contemporary look from Neil Barrett.

black shoes lidfort

Oxford black shoes by Lidfort Shoes

We took a conservative approach below the ankles by using black oxfords, patent leather has been done time and time again, communicating a cliche connotation.

Lanvin everything

 The Notch Lapel – Piped up

This is my favorite look in my opinion. The velvet piped jacket exudes class and prestige. paired with the velvet bow tie and lapel pin make a subtle strong look. The devil is in the details.

Lanvin tuxedo

Paul smith cuff links

Cufflinks by Paul Smith

The subtleties make all the difference.

black lidfort shoes

Oxfords by Lidfort shoes

Thanks for reading

Nicolas Toronto.




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