The Chocolate Winter Wool ft. Lardini

07 Jan The Chocolate Winter Wool ft. Lardini

Today we take a look at this chocolate winter weight blazer from Lardini. Lardini is second to none when it comes to finding Italian cashmere that is that soft to the touch. Complemented by their slim cut, the blazer communicates sense of elegance and class

Here is an idea of how we think this blazer would give your winter wardrobe an upgrade.


Lardini chocolate blazer

Blazer and Pocket Square – Lardini, Shirt, Belt, and Tie – Nicolas, Chelsea Boots – Lidfort Shoes, Navy Trousers – Lardini,

Lardini chocolate blazer

Building a smart wardrobe revolves around versatility. Chocolate is a neutral that complements many different hues from blue to even pink. Many men opt for the navy or charcoal gray, but chocolate gives a bit of an edge allowing you to stand out from the uniformed mass. We paired it with the cashmere tie to couple the winter fabrics as well give a pop off color.

Lardini chocolate blazer

Pocket squares aren’t essential but make the right statement. Orange and blue often make a great pairing with accessories to give the pop of color we want.

As for the blazer, this one is on sale and there is only a few left.

Lardini chocolate blazer


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Nicolas Toronto

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